More Than a Trend: Multicultural Hair Care Dominates

We are manufacturers, distributors and suppliers that provide products made especially for textured hair.

We are growing. Our industry is growing. And consumers with curly, wavy, kinky, and coily hair are increasingly looking for the products we provide. The GLOBAL BEAUTY ALLIANCE is a collaboration of companies that are invested in the long-term growth of the Multicultural Beauty Industry. Working together, we advocate, educate and share resources for mutual gains. We welcome new members.


The Global Beauty Alliance is the authority and leading voice on the unique requirements of the multicultural beauty industry, benefiting those invested in its success.

About Us

The goal of the Global Beauty Alliance is to help our members have greater success in the Multicultural Beauty Industry.


Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and communication professionals that are established and invested in the multicultural beauty industry may join and hold membership in the GBA.

Great Industry Momentum

The Multicultural Beauty Industry is growing at a rate of about 10% annually (source: IRI). This growth is driven by multicultural women and their unique beauty care requirements.

Multicultural women, including African Americans, Hispanics, Biracial and immigrants from all over the globe, are among the fastest growing consumer segments. They are rapidly changing the face of beauty in America. Their hair is not naturally straight; their hairstyles vary from day to day. They use a myriad of products and spend significant amounts of money to achieve and maintain beautiful hair.

An Alliance for Success
The Global Beauty Alliance is the combined voice of the multicultural beauty industry. It includes entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors and others working together to address the needs of the growing segments of multicultural consumers.

We invite anyone who is invested in this industry to join us as we work toward the continued growth and expansion of the Multicultural Beauty Industry

A few of the brands owned by GBA Members include:

First Choice

Business entities that are established and invested in the multicultural beauty industry may join and hold membership in the GBA. This includes manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and communication professionals.